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Hair transplant cost depends upon multiple factors, obviously, the most important thing in this regard is the number of grafts you required. However, there are multiple options to consider that will improve your appearance and looks keeping in mind your financial circumstances. All of these options can be discussed with your surgeon before hair transplant surgery.

Many of the clients want hair restoration only in the frontal area or hairline restoration. Some want hair transplant surgery in temple areas and some on the crown. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is the choice of the client and obviously your doctor will guide you about the best looks you can get according to your face cuts. These are some options one can easily get depending upon their pockets.

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan, If you really want to look young and smart and you are afraid of the budget for the procedure, we offer you and affordable hair transplant solution. If thinning up top or going bald really bothers you, the hair transplant in Lahore can be the way to feel more confident.

In addition, Hair transplant in our center often offers a discount prices during holly festivals in our country. In short we have an affordable options available for our valuable clients. Plastic surgery and associates also offers a years of experience and professionalism in hair transplant surgery and a best hair transplant in Lahore. Combining the hair transplant cost range with this value added factor, you really are getting the best hair transplant for less.

Hair transplant cost

The cost of hair transplants in Pakistan varies with the area which needs to be transplanted. We claim the best results in our hair transplant patients. We offer affordable prices tailored to the budget of the patient. Hair transplant costs ranging between 80 to 150k.The cost of a hair transplant in Pakistan includes all the expenses during the surgery which will include surgeon charges, theater charges, a medicine used, and the food during the procedure.


Hair transplant in Lahore, Pakistan,  is a surgical procedure to transplant hair in patients presenting with hair loss which is either due to genetic tendency, hormonal imbalance (androgenic alopecia), or hair loss due to burning alopecia or traumatic hair loss.

Hair transplant in Peshawar and also hair transplant in Karachi, the procedures are done in major cities of Pakistan but we claim more promising results of hair transplant in Lahore.


Before undergoing to surgery, a detailed consultation will be done to sought out about the history of hair loss, medication used, smoking or any co-morbid conditions. Obviously it will affect the results of hair transplant.

  1. Marking :

       Hair line will be designed to match the aesthetics of face and forehead.  Donor area and bald area will be marked. After marking the client will free to comment or change the design of hair line according to his wish.

  1. Trimming of Hair

       It is good to trim the head but some clients wants to get transplant in the own hair  style. Donor area is always require to get trimmed because harvesting of graft is not   possible with shorten the length of hair.

  • Selection of donor site :

Occipital area or back of the head is always consider the top donor site. Hair over the back of head are considered as permanent hair. Donor hair can be extracted from beard area or chest but these donor area have small number of hair.

  1. Sterilization :

       After shaving head, pyodine solution is applied to disinfect and sterilize the scalp,We do special care in this step, which in term decreases the risk of infection.

  1. Local anesthesia :

       Local anesthesia is injected to numb the head to avoid pain during surgery.

  1. Creation of sites :

        Creation of graft site will be done over bald area. Creation of site will be done,according to the requirement of grafts and obviously according to the number of  grafts cab ne harvested.

  1. Harvesting of graft:

       Graft will be harvested from already marked donor area .

  • Placement of grafts in already created sites:

The final step in placement of grafts


Hair transplant is 6 to 7 hrs. long process. You can enjoy meal, watching movies and attending phone calls during the procedure. Hair transplant id day case procedure. You can walk home on the same day .After the  surgery you may feel some pain over scalp ,so you may need to take pain medications for one week. You may also require to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for several days.

Most people are able to return to work after 2 to 5 days.


The transplanted hair are just placed in the created sites so special care is required not the rub or touch that area with hand or any other object. Care should be continued for at least 2 weeks. Surgical cap can be wearied for 1 week period. Care of donor area is simply application of topical antibiotic for one week.


Strict care is required for initial two weeks. You may notice transplanted hair fall after three weeks. Transplanted hair starts to grow after 3 to 6 months till 12 months. Most people notice 60% growth of transplanted hair after 7 months.


 Infection, bleeding, scarring, scalp necrosis and un-natural looking hair growth. All these side effects can be easily minimized by opting a competent and experienced hair transplant surgeon. There are no side effects in healthy and young individuals with no co -morbid conditions. Blood pressure, diabetes should be managed before undergoing surgical procedure.


There are mainly two type of hair transplants , FUT and FUE Hair transplant. Latest technique of DHI is also evolved and consider a high quality of transplant technique.




In FUE hair transplant , hair is extracted directly from the head with the punch method and transplanted to the bald area. FUE hair transplant is the latest method of hair transplantation. It is a relatively painless procedure. In comparison to FUT, there is no cut on the back of the head and donor site heals spontaneously without scarring.

With FUE hair transplantation, each individual follicular unit is harvested from the back of head. The hair follicles are removed in a random fashion, allowing your surgeon to harvest hair from the donor area with less noticeable thinning of the area. With Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), hair is harvested through microscopic circular incisions on back of head which will heal spontaneously after a week.


In FUE Hair transplant surgery ,your Surgeon need to extract individually  the hair follicles from the donor area. So, obviously it take a little longer time duration for  the process.  FUE hair transplant cost or Hair transplant cost in Pakistan, always ranges between 85 to 150 thousands.


In FUT hair transplant, a strip of hair is taken from the back of your head and the wound is closed primarily. Hair is extracted from the strip and transplanted to the bald area of the scalp.


  Individual extractionNegligible donor scarLonger surgeryEarly healingLess invasive procedure    Donor stripLinear scar over back of headLonger healing timeShorter surgery timeStiches over back


Both procedures are an excellent option for men and women struggling with hair loss. When choosing between FUE or FUT, you should discuss with your surgeon which method is best suited for you.

During the consultation process, you and your doctor should discuss your goals and expectations, the number of follicular units required to achieve your desired coverage, and your hairline’s final design. This will help you and your surgeon decide which method of hair transplantation is best for you.

In general, most popular is FUE method and most of the individuals prefer to have this method. Bearing good results I myself prefer FUE hair transplant to our clients.


The success rate of FUE highly depends upon the expertise of the surgeon. An experienced Plastic Surgeon can provide FUE transplants with success rates are as high as 95-98%. Keep in mind that it is normal for transplanted follicles to fall out before re growing permanent follicles—this is part of your hair’s natural lifecycle and transplant process.


Dr Zain is well known and qualified hair transplant surgeon. Before opting a good Surgeon You must look around for  best hair transplant surgeon in the region. You will find among the top 5 hair transplant surgeons .

 Your hair transplant surgeon must be qualified FCPS plastic surgeon with registered PMDC.


We demand outstanding and natural results. Our before and after gallery is evidence of successful hair transplant surgeries by our doctor.

We demand outstanding and natural results. Our before and after gallery is evidence of successful hair transplant surgeries by our doctor.

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1.Is the hair transplant permanent?

              Hair transplantation — sometimes called hair restoration .The results of a hair   transplant are visibly long-lasting and are considered to be permanent.

2. Do hair transplants look natural?

                            Hair transplants can look completely natural — as long as you go to the right surgeon. 

3. What should I not do before hair transplant?

                             Don’t take aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications for seven days prior to your procedure.

                             Don’t drink alcohol or take multivitamins, vitamin B, or vitamin E supplements  for seven days prior to your surgery.

4. Do I need to quit smoking before Surgery?

              Yes for at-least two week for good results and early healing time.

5. Does hair transplant require medicine?

                             You may need to take medications following hair transplant surgery, such as pain medication, antibiotics,  anti-inflammatory medications .

6. How long does a good hair transplant last?

                             Most people report significant changes in hair growth after about half a year. The complete results of the procedure are almost always visible fully after one   year. Modern hair transplants are safe, natural, and permanent

7. What is the best age to get hair transplant?

                             For younger patients, nothing is fully determined yet, be it the hair loss pattern, or its severity. Thus, the best advisable age for a hair transplant is 25

8. Who is not eligible for hair transplant surgery?
          In case you are suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia and have good donor hair, you can opt for the procedure.

              However, if you are suffering from any other kind of hair loss such as Alopecia   Areata , you are not eligible .

              Patients having uncontrolled diabetes or blood pressure are also not a good candidates of surgery.

9. Can I play sports or work out at a gym after my hair transplant?

                             It is not recommended play any sports or participate in any strenuous physical activity for a month after the hair transplant procedure.  After two weeks one  can work out at a gym as long as the work out is not very strenuous .

10. Can I cut or shave my hair in the donor area short after a hair transplant?

          In general it is not a good idea to shave or cut the hair very short after the hair  transplant.
          After the hair transplant operation we advise not shaving the hair very close to the scalp especially in the donor area

11. Can I color my hair after transplant?

                 You can colour your hair six months after the hair transplant operation. 

12.  When can I resume my professional activity ( or work ) after my hair transplant?

                             If you work in an office you can usually start working two days after the operation.
                             In the case of your professional activity (or work) as long as it does not require physical effort or wearing a helmet you can return to work after two   days.  Otherwise it would be advisable to stop working for ten days.
                             If you work in conditions where you can get hot, where the air pressure goes up, where your blood pressure may go up, in dusty areas or in places that are   considered dirty or unhygienic, you should avoid these places or working in these conditions for at least 10 days after the operation. 

13.   Can I wear a cap after my hair transplant?

                             Wearing a cap is allowed 14 days after the medical procedure.  We will give  you a surgical protective cap to protect your head from dust, rain or the sun.

14.  When does the transplanted area heal (i.e. How long is the healing time ) after the implantation procedure?

                             It usually takes 10 – 14 days for the transplanted area to heal.  After 14 days  there won’t be any red spots, dead skin or scabs.

15.  Should I take vitamins or supplements after the hair transplant?

                             A treatment involving dietary supplements can be used after the hair  transplant.
                             After a month you will be advised to get prp treatments of 3 sessions   fortnightly. You will need to use minoxidil hair spray and medicated shampoo  as advised by your doctor.

16.  Is the hair transplant painless?

                             There is a new type of local anesthesia administered via pressure into the skin  at the back of the head where the neck meets the bottom of the head.  This  procedure is relatively painless.  At the same time the local anesthesia can be administered via pressure onto the top of the forehead (the recipient area)  which is relatively painless.  A

17.  What are the side effects of hair transplant surgery?

                             Hair transplant operations are not risky.  Usually people do not have side effects or the side effects are minimal.  People may experience redness,itchiness, dryness or dry skin.  However, if the scalp is cleaned or regularly washed you may not experience any of the above side effects.  If medications  are used exactly the way you are told to use them after the surgery this will reduce the chances of you experiencing any side effects.

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