If you want to open and brighten your eyes and look more fresh and less tired than a blepharoplasty is the solution for you. As we age our eyelid region becomes smaller and we begin to get wrinkles and show hollowing or fat bags. At our clinic a blepharoplasty will open and brighten the eyes to restore a freshness to your eye region and will have people wondering what you did.

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Youthful eyes have an elegant transition between the lower eyelid region and the cheeks. The fullness that is found their in youth empties with ageing, detracting from the majestic beauty of the eyes. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can soften this area to correct age-related changes, restore a fresher-looking eye region, and rejuvenate the appearance.

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Eyelid Surgery Procedures

We will restore a youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the eye area. Our careful attention to detail is unmatched and allows us to remove excess skin and redistribute the fat to blend the eyelid and cheek junction, address excess wrinkling, and correct volume atrophy so that your eyes look naturally and youthfully stunning. At our clinic we are excited to offer the following procedures to Brighten and Open your eyes.

Open Eyes

Our Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty where excess skin is removed and fat is re-positioned to open and brighten your eyes.

Bright Eyes

Our Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty procedure that removes excess skin, re-positions fat and tightens the eye to smooth wrinkles and remove hollowness to brighten your eyelid region.

Mini Eyes

Our Office Upper Eyelid Pinch Blepharoplasty where excess skin is removed under local anaesthetic to open your eyes.

Bright Eyes No Touch

Our Trans-Conjunctival Pinch Skin Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty procedure is for the younger eyelid to smooth dark circles and remove some skin to brighten the eyelid region.

Total Eyes

A combination of Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty to brighten and open up your eyes.


Tighter and More Lifted Eyelid Tissues

With time, the upper eyelid skin loses elasticity. This leads to wrinkling, hooding, sagging, and a tired appearance. We will carefully assess your eyelids and tighten or remove the excess skin, lifting the tissues to revitalise your appearance. We will also intervene where the ligamentous support of the lower eyelid has attenuated with age to provide a tighter and more naturally youthful look to the eyelid and cheek junction.

Smoother Skin With Fewer Wrinkles

The loss of elasticity and shifting of fat pads around the eyes typically leads to crow’s feet wrinkles and eventual “bags” under the eyes. Removing excess skin and tightening the tissues helps smooth out the eyelid area, eliminating wrinkles and creating a smoother and more even appearance.

Softer and Fuller Lower Eyelids

The eyelids naturally have a small amount of fat in them, which is why youthful eyes tend to look soft and round. One of the first signs of ageing is bags under the eyes that form because the fat has become displaced. Wewill offer the appropriate intervention to address volume atrophy and blend the eyelid and cheek junction using surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments.

An Upper Eyelid Sulcus (Asian Eyelid Surgery)

While Caucasians and even some Asians have a lid fold or additional crease in the upper eyelid, many Asians do not. We uses an increasingly popular eyelid surgery technique to create the upper eyelid sulcus, or “double eyelid,” in Asian eyelids that lack it. This helps the eyes look bigger and makes it easier to apply eye makeup.



We preferred facelift technique is the Full Facelift/High SMAS facelift, but we will offer and perform a short-scar facelift in the younger patient with mild facial aging changes and wrinkles.

1-2 hr
2 Weeks

Qualified facelift plastic surgeon:

- Dr. Zain ul Abidin & Dr. Asma Ilyas

- Qualified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons

Results: Get rid of loose skin, eye shadows and fat bags.

Priceless Investment


Open and Brighten your eyes, look rejuvenated, fresh and not tired.

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