Facial Implant

Facial implants or chin implants surgery is performed for various congenital facial deformities. Chin implants surgery can be done either through the intraoral or submental incision to augment the chin.

Plastic surgery

Chin surgery or genioplasty is a procedure to reshape the chin, enlarge it with an implant or reduce its profile with reduction surgery on the bone. Various chin deformities can be easily correct with non-surgical options. Fillers are used to defining the contour of the jawline, angling of jaw, V shaping of the face.

A qualified and skilled plastic surgeon can only perform such procedures. Our surgeons Dr Zain ul Abidin and Dr Asma Ilyas are fully trained to execute such complicated procedures.

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Chin surgery is performed for the following reasons:

Small chin

A recessive chin

part of rhinoplasty surgery

facial balancing surger

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