Skin Whitening Solutions for Radiant and Even-Toned Skin

Skin Whitening

AZ Plastic Surgery offers skin whitening injections (Glutathione) to brighten the skin and face. With skin whitening injections, you can say goodbye to unsightly skin marks like wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin and have a more youthful appearance. You’ve found the best place in Lahore to get skin-lightening injections. The best Plastic Surgeon, Dr Zain ul Abidin earned a plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship.

It was difficult for people of colour to become renowned and attractive, but anything is possible now that cosmetic procedures are commonplace. Because of your skin color, you feel inferior and lose self-esteem. In particular, ladies who look flawless and confident no matter what field they work in.

Injectable body whitening is available from AZ Plastic Surgery at a price that won’t break the bank. The Full Body Whitening Injection Price in Pakistan and relevant elements will be discussed in this blog.

Brief Description

AZ Plastic Surgery claims injectable Glutathione therapy is a highly sought-after skin-lightening method. Vitamin C injections will be added to the mix as well. Thanks to these injections, your skin will be fair, bright, and radiant in just a few sessions. Treatment with this method is the safest and most successful option for people with dark skin tones, scars from acne, and other skin discolourations.

In just a few weeks, the black pigmentation and overall tone will disappear and be replaced by a new, lighter one. It is the most potent antioxidant, protecting bodily tissues from damage caused by free radicals. Only licensed dermatologists are qualified to perform this procedure.

Glutathione: What is It, and How Does It Help the Body?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant in every living cell and the human body. It neutralises harmful free radicals and aids in the body’s detoxification processes. The dark melanin pigments are broken down by glutathione and converted into a lighter pigment, which makes the skin fairer and brighter. You can get glutathione in pill form or as an injectable. 

However, Glutathione and other vitamins injected directly into the veins (and thus the bloodstream) are absorbed much more quickly than the pills, and injections contain more Glutathione than pills, so they are the recommended skin-lightening method.

Injections for skin whitening have many advantages:

  • Helps cleanse the liver and lowers blood-free radical levels.
  • Lightens skin discolourations caused by melasma and hyperpigmentation.
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • Unlike skin bleaching, this method is mild and risk-free
  • Also helpful for hormonal acne.
  • Improves immunity. Its use reduces the appearance of age spots

Who Shouldn’t Get Skin Whitening Injections

Skin Whitening

 Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women:

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are usually advised to avoid any cosmetic procedures that could potentially harm them or their child. While there is limited research on the effects of glutathione on pregnant women, it’s better to be on the safe side and avoid unnecessary risks.

 People with Allergies:

Some people might be allergic to the components of the whitening injections. Before deciding to have this treatment, it’s essential to be tested for allergies to avoid severe allergic reactions.

People with Asthma:

According to some research, glutathione may cause bronchial constriction in people with asthma, making symptoms worse. Those with asthma should consult their doctors before considering this procedure.

 Individuals with Kidney and Liver Disease:

Glutathione is processed in the liver and excreted through the kidneys. People with compromised liver or kidney function might not be able to process and excrete glutathione effectively, potentially leading to health complications.

 People Undergoing Cancer Treatment:

While glutathione has been used to alleviate side effects of chemotherapy, it may also make tumor cells resistant to chemotherapy. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, talk to your oncologist before starting any new treatments, including glutathione injections.

 People with a History of Heart Disease:

Intravenous injections, such as whitening injections, can sometimes lead to circulatory issues. Individuals with a history of heart disease should approach these treatments with caution.

What Method Will Be Used to Whiten the Entire Body?

The process is straightforward and quick to carry out. After a single session, your dermatologist will schedule your next appointment and administer the Glutathione injection into the largest vein in your body at a calm, steady pace. The time required for injection will be proportional to the glutathione dose. You can confidently return home after that. It will take a number of sessions to spread out over time, often between four and six. However, this can vary depending on the candidate’s goals.

Is It Efficient and Risk-free?

This injectable therapy can restore your skin’s healthy glow in just a few sessions. The candidate’s health is not at risk from these injections. Removes scars from acne and fine lines from ageing; leaves skin radiant and smooth.

How Much Does It Cost?

The typical cost of a Full Body Whitening Injection in Pakistan is estimated between 20,000 and 50,000 Pakistani Rupees (PKR). The person’s skin tone and colour will be evaluated to determine the treatment cost. The cost of this injectable treatment will vary depending on your circumstances. However, it is essential to speak with your expert dermatologist, who will advise you on the appropriate range of its cost based on your specific circumstances.

Once you know the typical cost of your treatment, other factors may change your final cost. The following are some of these:

Because this is a delicate treatment that should only be done by a trained dermatologist, you may expect to pay more for their services. If there isn’t a respected clinic nearby, you may have to pay more because of the time and money spent travelling there and back.

The total amount will also be affected by ancillary fees, such as prescription drugs and follow-up appointments with a doctor. If you see any changes in your health, schedule an appointment to see how it all plays out.

Skin Whitening Solutions for Radiant and Even-Toned Skin


When can I expect to see the effects of my skin-lightening injections?

We advise maintaining a regular schedule of skin whitening injections to keep blood concentrations where they should be. This guarantees that harmful free radicals and pollutants are flushed out of the body, leading to radiant skin and overall wellness. Skin whitening treatment results vary on the individual’s metabolic reaction; some people show benefits as early as two weeks into the treatment, while in others, the results are only visible after 4-6 weeks. It takes about two or three sessions to achieve the desired effect. Each individual will experience a unique outcome.

When I reach my goals, may I stop the treatment?

Keeping up with your skin-lightening injections is recommended so that your skin stays healthy and radiant. Glutathione is a great skin lightener and essential to our overall health. The immune system is strengthened, and the body is protected from illness. The person’s youthful and supple appearance is another benefit. Your treatment will have lasting effects if you continue to practice good self-care (such as limiting your time in the sun and giving up smoking).


So, if you’re interested in this incredible injectable therapy and want a healthy, radiant complexion, AZ Plastic Surgery is the place to go. We aim to provide first-rate services at affordable costs.

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