Breast augmentation — also known as augmentation mammoplasty — is a surgery that aims to increase the breast size, shape, or fullness of the breast. It involves placing breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. In order to get bigger breasts, another available option is breast fat injections or lipofilling breast.

For some women, boobs surgery or breast enlargement surgery is a way to feel more confident. For others, it’s part of rebuilding the breast for various conditions. Flap surgeries in case of breast tumor surgery either pedicle or free flap is a part of breast enlargement procedure.

This procedure can also restore breast volume lost after weight loss naturally or after weight loss surgery or pregnancy, achieve a more rounded breast shape or improve natural breast size asymmetry.

Boobs surgery for bigger breast surgery is a far better option to opt for rather than the use of breast enlargement creams.

Why Breast augmentation surgery is done?

Breast augmentation might help you:

  • If the patient having smaller breast or she feels breast asymmetry or if you think your breast is even smaller to the contralateral one .Breast augmentation helps to enhance your appearance and look which overall effect the body figure of patient. Breast asymmetry  impacts how you dress or the type of bra needed.
  • Adjust for a reduction in the size of your breasts after pregnancy or weight loss surgery.
  • Correct uneven breasts after breast surgery for other conditions
  • Improve your self-confidence

Discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon so that you can be realistic about what breast augmentation can do for you.

  • Increase fullness and projection of your breasts
  • Improve balance of breast.
  • Enhance your self-image and self-confidence

Redefine your body shape with our diverse satisfying surgical and non-surgical treatments of breast enlargement.

What are the steps of breast augmentation procedure?

A Breast augmentation procedure for a bigger breasts includes the following steps.

Step 1 – Anesthesia

The breast augmentation process is done under general anesthesia. Your doctor will evaluate pre-operative for any risks factors. You may need to get some blood tests before surgery. After evaluation by anesthetists, you will be considered for general anesthesia.

Step 2 – Marking

Marking and pre-op photographs are mandatory in such procedures. The doctor will examine the breast tissue for the decision of pocket for breast either under the tissue or under the chest muscle.

Step 3 – Incision

Incisions are made in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. You and your plastic surgeon will discuss which incision options are appropriate for your desired outcome.

Incision options include: along the areolar edge (peri-areolar incision), the fold under the breast (inframammary fold), and in the armpit (axillary incision). A belly-button approach is associated with a higher complication rate.

It also depends upon the degree of desire enlargement and surgeon preference.

Step 4 – Inserting and placing the breast implant for breast augmentation

After the incisions , a breast implant is inserted in the already created pocket.

A. Under the pectoral muscle (a sub muscular placement)

B. Directly behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle (a sub mammary/ sub glandular placement)

The method for inserting and positioning breast implants depends on the type of implant, degree of enlargement desired, your body type and your surgeon’s recommendations.

Inserting the implant in different pockets has its own implication. Your plastic surgeon will decide with you regarding pros and cons of the procedure.

Step 4 – Closing the incisions

Incision are closed after insertion of breast implants in a layered fashion.

Over time the incision lines will fade. The quality of scar depends on many things, including your genetics, exposure of your body to nicotine and infection.

Step 5 – Results immediate after Breast implant Surgery

The result will appear immediately visible on the table. Your surgeon will examine and assess for the symmetry and or any changes to be made.

Breast Augmentation with Fat injections    

Breast fat augmentation or breast fat transfer is a natural way for bigger breast. Fat is harvested from patient own body either from abdomen or thighs and injected in the breast. It gives natural contour to the breast resulting in increased in size and breast fullness.

The latest technique in breast augmentation is Brava enhancement. It is sought of tissue expansion as it applies gentle three dimensional pull this places the breast under tension. This sustained pressure cause the breast tissue to expand by the result of cell replication. The final outcome of Brava enhancement is larger and fuller breast.

Breast Augmentation with Fillers

It is one of the non-surgical method of breast enlargement. When you need instant increase in the contour and size of the breast ,fillers are the basic option . Macrolane breast injections are hyaluronic acid based injections that is use to shape and contour the body. The macro lane  breast fillers immediately enlarge the size and shape of breast. The main disadvantage of filler is ,as it get dissolve after 6 to 8 months . Fillers at the non-surgical method of breast augmentation.

Who is ideal for breast augmentation?

Young female with small size breast at puberty or the ones who desires to enhance the size and shape of breasts. These are the ideal candidate for breast augmentation. Augmentation mammoplasty is the treatment of hanging or saggy breast. The other treatment for saggy breast is breast lift. These are the different type breast surgeries, but every breast surgery has its own indications and pre requisites.

Care after Breast Augmentation surgery

Immediately after surgery, you will be taken into a recovery area for close monitoring. You may be permitted to go home when you are stable for discharge, typically after an hour or so.

Before leaving, you will be given specific postoperative instructions for your breast implant recovery and a follow-up appointment with your plastic surgeon. You may also receive medications or a prescription, but many plastic surgeons prescribe postoperative medications in advance. Your prescribed medications may include pain pills and an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Dressing will be done after breast surgery either with breast implants or fat injections. You will need to wear sports bra for at least 6 weeks after operation.

You can start your job after 5 days and can resume your exercise after 4 weeks.

Absorbable sutures are applied during surgery so u don’t need your stitch removal. You will be advised for follow-up after a week of surgery.

What are the side effects of breast augmentation surgery?

Like all other procedures, there is a minor risk of bleeding, infection, and bruise. Some of the risks and complications associated with breast augmentation are

  • Painful breasts
  • Infection
  • Sensation in the breast, the nipples, or both, may change temporarily
  • Rupturing or leaking of the implant
  • Bleeding
  • Fluid accumulation

Capsular contracture refers to a hardening of the area around the implant. It can distort the shape of the implant, and it can cause pain. 

 If the patient is evaluated in detail before the breast surgery, then there is very low chance of any side effects.

Expectation after breast augmentation

You’ll see results from your procedure immediately. Swelling and tenderness may make it difficult to assess final results until after you’ve had a chance to begin healing. 

While results should be long-lasting, breast implants aren’t guaranteed to last forever. You may need follow-up surgeries to replace implants in the future. Some people also opt to reverse the surgery at a later time. 

After surgery, maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you smoke cigarettes, quit. Smoking can delay healing.

What are the results of breast augmentation?

While a breast augmentation yields larger breasts right away, the final results may take a few weeks as the swelling subsides and the skin stretches. All patients may need to wear a sports bra to help shape their breasts, especially if they have underlying asymmetry or very small breasts to start with. Incision lines may take several months, to fade. Your doctor will guide you regarding scar care.

Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

Breast augmentation can change the size and shape of your breasts. The surgery might improve your body image and self-esteem. But keep your expectations realistic, and don’t expect perfection.

Also, your breasts will continue to age after augmentation. Weight gain or weight loss might change the way your breasts look, too. If you become dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, you might need more surgery to correct these issues

What is the cost of breast augmentation surgery?

The cost of breast augmentation either by breast implants or by breast fat injections highly depends upon the type of augmentation.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that the cost of an implant varies at different times. It also depends upon the import charges of the implant. So, the cost is variable but roughly the range of breast augmentation with implant is around 2.5 lac . Breast fat injection costs around 1.2 lacs.

Many people use breast enlargement creams for bigger breasts. In markets, there are multiple options of breast enlargement creams, or when you search them they also have good reviews regarding breast enlargement. The butt and breast enlargement creams instead of enlargement have adversely affected the hormonal balance of the body.

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